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VMS Technology to manage, monitor, control and centralize Contingent Staffing

StaffingCorner is a state-of-the-art Vendor Management System (VMS) technology enabling organizations to successfully manage their contingent workers, suppliers, agencies and 1099 hires and the processes involved from Requisition to Payments. StaffingCorner provides organizations visibility into their contingent workforce and help them manage, monitor, centralize and control involved processes. StaffingCorner is designed to help customers in improving cost and quality control, achieve greater efficiency, standardize processes and ensure compliance. StaffingCorner offers a configurable and scalable system and model that can be used by organizations to directly manage their contingent workforce or with the use of a Managed Service Provider (MSP).


StaffingCorner is a feature-rich VMS designed to manage various Talent Acquisition and Vendor Management functions through one, easy-to-use web based application.


StaffingCorner gives you better control and helps standardize these various staffing processes by enforcing consistency in staffing across the organization, as well as the power to manage staffing and recruiting for hundreds of projects spread across various geographical areas, technologies, and departments.

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