Integrated Vendor Management System

VMS as a Service

A cost-effective VMS solution. Available OnDemand. More

Custom VMS Implementation

We implement StaffingCorner VMS to meet your specific needs. More

Technology Provider to MSP

We partner with Managed Service Providers to provide cost-effective VMS technology. More

Full Cycle of Staffing

For Your Needs Only

  • Requisition Life-cycle Management
  • Requisition Distribution
  • Hiring Process Management
  • Time and Expense Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Vendor eInvoicing
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Vendor Management and Diversity
  • Approval Workflow Management
  • Project-wise Staffing Management
  • Independent Conractor Hiring
  • Integrated ATS
  • Internal Recruiting Management
  • SOW Management

Ideal Solution

Flexibility and Control

StaffingCorner can be customized to meet your specific needs providing you much more flexibility and control on your staffing processes and integration with your other existing systems.

A Powerful Enterprise-wide Staffing Solution

StaffingCorner is a configurable and scalable web-based Vendor Management System. Using StaffingCorner, clients can manage enterprise-wide staffing across various entities, departments and locations. StaffingCorner offers a complete circle of VMS implementation services that range from strategy to implementation. We configure the system to meet complex staffing needs.

Management of Complex Staffing Setup

StaffingCorner has ability to map most complex staffing setups with ease. Clients can easily manage, control and standardize their existing centralized or fragmented temporary staffing procurement bringing them all into one common platform.

Seamless Integration

StaffingCorner is designed to manage various processes in staffing cycle. The system can be seamlessly integrated with existing client applications to share data, processes and workflow such as Payment Systems, Applicant Tracking Systems, HRIS and Approval Systems. StaffingCorner can be integrate with application in various technologies such as SAP, Peoplesoft and Oracle.

Quick Deployment, Fast ROI

StaffingCorner can be deployed very quickly providing mush faster return on investments. StaffingCorner can be hosted at client data center, a service provider of their choice or at our data centers.