Integrated Vendor Management System

VMS as a Service

A cost-effective VMS solution. Available OnDemand. More

Custom VMS Implementation

We implement StaffingCorner VMS to meet your specific needs. More

Technology Provider to MSP

We partner with Managed Service Providers to provide cost-effective VMS technology. More

All-in-One OnDemand VMS

  • Requisition Life-cycle Management
  • Requisition Distribution
  • Hiring Process Management
  • Time and Expense Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Vendor eInvoicing
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Vendor Management and Diversity
  • Approval Workflow Management
  • Project-wise Staffing Management
  • Independent Conractor Hiring
  • Integrated ATS
  • Internal Recruiting Management
  • SOW Management

Immediate Access to All Users

Connect All Staffing Users

StaffingCorner OnDemand provides very fast access to a complete Vendor Management System to handle the entire procure-to-pay cycle of Contingent Labor. Companies can provide immediate access to their recruiters, staffing managers, hiring managers, approvers, staffing suppliers, and contractors to manage all staffing activities.

Immediate Access to Powerful VMS Technology without upfront Investments or Costs

No implementation costs or delays. Monthly or Yearly Fee.

Click to Enlarge StaffingCorner OnDemand is a web based full-cycle VMS solution designed to help clients manage, centralize, monitor and control their contingent staffing and is available at convenient monthly or yearly fee. With the use of our OnDemand VMS technology, client gain instant ability to manage entire cycle of staffing, from Requisition to Payments. StaffingCorner OnDemand is a powerful solution and has functionality to implement variety of prevailing staffing scenarios.


Requirement Management

Manage Requisitions, Approval Workflow and Requisition Distribution

Interview Management

Schedule and Manage Multiple Rounds of Interviews

Vendor Submittal

Online Vendor Resume Submittal

Submittal History and Ratings

Track Hiring History, Candidate Ratings

Vendor Management and Diversity

Extensive Vendor Repository, Vendor Document Management, Diversity Management, Spend Reporting, Multi-level Preferred Vendor Lists

Work Order Management

Work Order Management and Approval Workflow

Time and Expense Management

Contractor Time Capture and Approval Workflow. Multiple Timesheet Templates

Vendor eInvoicing

Vendor Invoice Generation based on Approved Contractor Time and Expenses

User Authorization & Approval Rights

User Authorization and Approval Right Management. Role Based Authorization and Approval.

Messaging and Notifications

User notifications at various steps via e-mail or internal messages.

Reporting, Analytics and Dashboards

A robust reporting system and analytics to measure and evaluate performance including summaries, graphs, details and dashboards