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StaffingCorner VMS - Benefits


Click to Enlarge Standardize and control talent acquisition to make it consistent across various projects that are spread across many locations.

Flexibility and Control

Implement staffing in a controlled environment while providing flexibility to users. Control spending and mitigate risks.

Risk Minimization

Reduce legal and compliance risks by standardizing staffing activities and processes. Minimize errors.

Lower Spending

StaffingCorner minimizes maverick spending across various departments and projects, and enables you to tighten your handle of recruiting and staffing activities.

Increase Productivity

StaffingCorner helps Recruiters, Staffing Managers, Project Managers, Approvers and Accounting Department manage their time for other productive work by reducing time spent on Timesheet Approval, Work Order Approval, Vendor Invoice Reconciliation, and payment processes.

Faster Return on Investment

StaffingCorner requires minimal customization efforts decreasing implementation costs for faster ROI and quicker realization of benefits.

Centralization and Easy Access of Information

StaffingCorner serves as a single location for information and documents related to enterprisewide staffing. Manage project information, requisition information, resumes, work orders, contractor on-boarding, timesheets, expense sheets, vendor invoices, information, contracts, insurance certificates and reports.

Maximum Vendor Utilization

StaffingCorner is designed to utilize and take maximum advantage of your vendor base. Our VMS also facilitates Requisition distribute requirements based on vendor tier, vendor location, geographical area served, services offered, diversity status, company size and many other factors helping in maximum utilization of vendors.

Measure Vendor Performance and Key Metrics

StaffingCorner evaluates and compares vendor performance and measure them across various key metrics.